Materials Science for Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Materials Science for Electrical and Electronic Engineers

by Ian Jones

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 30/11/2000

'The style of writing is concise, at times light-hearted and delightfully unpretentious. The text covers what is needed at first-year undergraduate level without deluging the reader with unnecessary detail'.......'The Refreshingly relaxed style makes difficult concepts easy to understand and remember'. The Times Higher Education Supplement, November 2002.
This is a book for electrical and electronic engineers, not for materials scientists. Every explanation is rendered in its simplest and clearest form and as many relevant examples are included as possible. At every point, the author makes clear the direct relevance of every topic to the reader's main course of study: electrical and electronic engineering.
Written in a lively style, this book provides a unified treatment of the materials used in electrical and electronic engineerin: conductors, electronic and functional materials and insulators, their manufacture and their application.
The central theme is that the type of bonding in a solid not only controls its electrical properties but also, and just as directly, its mechanical properties and how things are made from it. This common origin of electrical and mechanical properties dictates the structure of the book.
1. Conductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors
2. An Introduction to Metals
3. Mechanical Properties
4. Manufacturing Conductors
5. Steel
6. Electrochemistry: Electroplating and Corrosion
7. Ceramics
8. Plastics
9. Semiconductors and the Electronics Industry
10. Magnetic Materials
11. Superconductors and Optical Fibers
Electronics engineering
Paperback / softback
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Oxford University Press
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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