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Men of the Moss Hags

Men of the Moss Hags

by Cally Phillips and S. R. Crockett
Publication Date: 01/01/2014

'It is emphatically a good story. Mr Crockett, like a true Scot, has put his soul into this record of Covenanting days. We seem to get to the very centre of the struggle for religious freedom. The influence of Stevenson is strong, but whatever echoes from other romancers we find in his characters, there is one thing that is all his own, his 'glegness of eye' his sense of the beauty of the earth, and his power to tell it - if it be Galloway earth.'

The fictional biography of an 'ordinary' hero, William Gordon of Earlstoun is set in the 1670's and 80's, known as 'The Killing Times.' The story is told as a first person retrospective narration - a man in his 50's recounting his youth. Originally serialised, the adventures come thick and fast, barely giving the reader time to draw breath and consequently drawing them into the world of 17th century Galloway with all its colour and conflict.

Publication Date:
Ayton Publishing Limited.
Country of origin:
United Kingdom

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