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Modern Watercolor Workshop

Modern Watercolor Workshop

Learn to Paint Geometric Shapes, Floral Designs & Other Repeat Patterns - a Calm & Creative Approach

by Pooja Kenjale-Umrani
Publication Date: 28/10/2024

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A calm and creative course in watercolor painting!

Learn to paint with ease with these 21 beginner-friendly, step-by-step watercolor projects that are crafted for pure enjoyment and relaxation.

Each watercolor pattern in this book not only fosters artistic growth but also relaxes readers' minds through a deliberate, unhurried learning approach. This project book for beginners is designed to allow readers' creativity to flow in a progressive manner. The projects are organized into themes including geometric shapes, cultural inspirations, botanical elements, seasonal motifs, and more. Each theme includes a project at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill level so readers can begin simply and progress as they build their skills.

Every project includes color swatches, a materials list, a step-by-step exercise to learn the techniques and shapes for the project, and step-by-step instructions for painting a unique and gorgeous finished piece.

Also included in the book is a complete introduction to the tools and materials of watercolors, essential watercolor techniques, and color theory and mixing. Whether readers are completely new to watercolors or have already dabbled in them, they'll find everything they need in this book.

- Painting Made Easy: Every pattern project in the book includes tools, materials, a practice exercise, a pause for relaxing reflection, and straightforward step-by-step instructions for creating vibrant works of art.
- Approachable Instructions for Beginners: Even if readers have never touched a paintbrush before, this book provides all the essential info they'll need to get started with basic tools and beginner-level projects.
- A Focus on Repeat Pattern Designs: Readers will learn how to paint simple shapes and then repeat them to create fully developed compositions ready for framing and gifting.
- A Relaxing Way to Learn: Readers will immerse themselves in serenity with this guide as the author teaches them not only how to master painting techniques but also how to encourage creative flow.
- Progressive Learning Format: Readers will work their way through beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects with confidence as they follow the author's carefully considered teachings.

Readers will fall in love with watercolor as they dive into creating pieces that will quiet their brains, nourish their souls, and fill them with joy and satisfaction.
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Schiffer Publishing, Limited
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United States
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