Mosaic: Favourite prayers and reflections from inspiring Australians

Mosaic: Favourite prayers and reflections from inspiring Australians

Favourite Prayers and Reflections from Inspiring Australians

by Rosalind Bradley

Publication Date: 01/03/2008

Mosaic is a collection of favourite prayers and reflections from a broad range of Australians from a variety of backgrounds and faiths. It aims to build bridges, foster mutual respect and assist in the 'dialogue of living' in Australia's multicultural and spiritually diverse society. the book captures a picture of contemporary Australian identity with contributions spanning many generations: from the wisdom of elder statesman tom Uren to the optimism of South Korean born Hayley Eves, youth envoy at the Centenary Federation celebrations; and from Islamic lawyer and author Randa Abdel-Fattah to Frank Lowy, Westfield chairman and from the successful sports and businessman John Eales to the highly acclaimed tV presenter Andrew Denton. the passages offer readers an appreciation of aspirations that are common to everyone, as well as show a variety of expressions in the quest for 'God' and purpose in life. Mosaic endeavours to encourage dialogue as well as greater acceptance and deeper understanding between the different faiths.
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ABC Books
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