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My Love for Layne

My Love for Layne

by Asher MacKenzie

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 24/11/2018

The first time I laid my eyes upon her, I knew it was love at first sight. I hadn't been with a woman in several years and had decided to go out one night; there she stood, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen with a personality that glowed as bright as the sun. Painstakingly, she was involved in a relationship with another woman. For months I dreamed of being with this lovely woman that had caught my eye, though never saw her again. Several months had passed when a friend tragically passed away of a massive heart attack. Walking into the funeral home, for there she stood; my eyes could not refrain from gazing into those of hers. Ironically, she suddenly broke off the relationship with her partner and went home with me, which began the love of a lifetime. A woman so utterly priceless, our time together seemed to consume one another as I lived for her and she lived for me. As time went by, tragedy struck again as I had become sick with my heart and dealing with the constant misdiagnoses. Painfully, Layne's mother had a serious heart condition and would not live if she did not have a heart transplant within five years. With all of my misdiagnoses and her mother being terminally ill, it began to take its toll on Layne as she could not deal with seeing me lying in the hospital in so much pain and there was nothing she could and in return, I was reminding her of her mother's terminal illness. As our relationship came to an abrupt end, I began to hate life; I wondered of how someone could meet the love of their life and suddenly become ill. I struggled in coming to terms with dealing with my heart condition and being in and out of the hospital all of the time. So much turmoil and once again, tragedy had struck; not only had I lost the love of my life, I then lost my one year old cocker spaniel. Dying of a broken heart from my love for Layne and the loss of my dog, suddenly I was rushed to the emergency room. In the midst of having emergency bypass surgery, I was attempting to deal with my own fears of hospitals. My love for Layne gave me strength to keep fighting as I had many premonitions that she would, one day, return. It was two years later when we reunited our love for one another, though due to bad first impressions that I had made in the past, we had a difficult time in seeing one another as we lived an hour apart and in different states. Tragedy struck again as her mother had a heart and I heard nothing from her. A couple of weeks later, she was late in showing up at my house and in doing so, my love for her was so unbreakable, that the pain of losing her prevailed within this soul of mine. Once again parting ways and a heart and soul ripped to shreds, it was another seven years before we saw one another again. Was the love still lingering within our souls and would we reunite or be lost forever?
Paperback / softback
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