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Neighborhoods Under Siege

Neighborhoods Under Siege

Memoirs of a Brooklyn Don

by Calvin BacoteCharnise Bacote and Hgx Marketing
Publication Date: 25/02/2014
Enter the world of Brooklyn, the underworld of New York City through the boundless, in-depth mind of Calvin "Klein" Bacote. Making himself believe he had nothing to live for, he turned his life into a crime scene, finding something he was willing to die for. The Game. Klein was addicted to drugs, but not by way of usage. His high was obtained via hustling. He was a major figure, flooding the city with mass quantities, addicting more than half the city with 90% quality pure cocaine. He was reported to have grossed over $25 million dollars annually. Klein, a mythological figure to most, a villain to some and an icon to others. From the child growing up in the late 60's and 70's to the larger than life character throughout the 80's and 90's, no stone is left unturned. He traverses every end of the spectrum, from the barely teenaged stick-up kid to the man who helped build Konvict Records while serving as a protege to the international star Akon. Raised in the hellish dwellings of Brooklyn's unforgiving Red-Hook Housing Projects, a neighborhood where legendary mobsters and gangsters have made their bones. One would think was he born to be this way? Klein will show you things your mind is yet to fathom. The already proclaimed best seller "Neighborhoods Under Siege" walks through Brooklyn in places you just couldn't go, during an era where life's value was less than that of a bag of rice. This book wears many hats. Live through the conviction of a mother, gun of an enforcer and soul of a hustler. Your conscience will tell you to stop reading, but your curiosity won't be denied. In "Neighborhoods Under Siege" Klein treks across his life and the lives of many other Brooklynites with such graphic detail, you'll relive these events as if you actually lived them. Ask this generation's #1 hip-hop artist who depicts Klein's life through his music. The influences in Klein's life made him an influence in the lives of others. Take part in the journey of one of the last men standing from an unsung, but never the less influential era and see how to escape when the "Neighborhoods Under Siege"
Biography: general
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Pree Publishing
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United States
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