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New Medical Technologies and Society

New Medical Technologies and Society

Reordering Life

by Nik Brown and Andrew Webster

Hardback Publication Date: 31/05/2004

New medical technologies are increasingly at the centre of novel
transformations in the human and social body. Whilst reproduction,
health, ageing and dying have long been areas for technical
intervention, the emergence of molecular biology and information
technology raise far-reaching political, social and subjective

New Medical Technologies and Society provides a critical
introduction to the role and cultural significance of technological
innovation in redefining the boundaries of medicine and the body,
tracing this process through the figure of "the lifecourse".
Drawing on approaches from sociology and Science and Technology
Studies, the authors explore key issues, theories and debates at
the junctures of bodies and medicine. In a style that is both
innovative and challenging, Nik Brown and Andrew Webster open up an
important examination of new medical technologies not only for
those directly engaged, but for a wider audience interested in the
ways in which contemporary technologies can be interrogated through
core sociological inquiry. They argue that, whilst many
technologies emerge from and extend long-standing frameworks of
medical treatment, genuinely novel and radical challenges to our
interpretations of embodiment are emerging.

The book will be essential reading for both students and
scholars of the sociology of science and technology, medical
sociology, social theory, genetics and informatics.
Impact of science & technology on society
Publication Date:
Polity Press
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster is chief sports writer for the Sydney Morning Herald.

He appears regularly on TV and radio and has authored several books, including Supercoach: The Life and Times of Jack Gibson and 2014 bestseller The Voice: The Life of Ray Warren.

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