Night Vision

Night Vision

by Laura Adams

Publication Date: 01/10/1997

Julia Madison is having nightmares. Every night. All night. Both painful and perplexing, the nightmares are always the same -- a woman calling out for help, only to die horribly as Julia struggles to reach her. As the nightmares become more and more vivid, Julia seeks professional help. Doctors prescribe pills; therapists theorize about past lives and post-traumatic stress. But to no avail. In fact, the nightmares just increase with such intensity that Julia finds herself slipping into the dream state during the day.

In desperation she turns to the Internet, where she locates a support group for women with sleep disorders. To her amazement she soon learns that the other lesbians in the group -- and only the lesbians -- are having the same nightmares. No longer believing that these mysterious night visions are in their heads the women band together to discover what is really going on.

The first breakthrough comes when Julia realizes that their visions all began on the same night. A night unlike any other...

Contemporary fiction
Publication Date:
Bella Books, Incorporated
Country of origin:
United States
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