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Not Quite Nigella

Not Quite Nigella 2

My Path to Happiness Through Baking and Blogging

by Lorraine Elliott
Publication Date: 24/04/2013
4/5 Rating 2 Reviews
Lorraine is writing what in many ways could be the memoir for Generation X. She had a high-flying advertising job with a fab salary but she didn't love it. And each day she wondered how she could spend more time following her passion - food. Finally, prompted by her husband, the mysterious Mr NQN, she creates a blog about recipes and restaurants and ditches her day job. Her chapters include: telling her parents she's quit her job; explaining her new job to her weirder-than-weird mother-in-law; how she fell in love with food; what she would eat if it could be anything in the world; why bacon goes with anything and everything; how to get people to take a blog seriously; whether you can actually make a living out of a blog; and why sweet is better than savoury. Lorraine writes wonderfully about food and makes up crazy, fabulous recipes, but she also explores in a very inspiring way the (Gen X) pre-mid-life-crisis and what to do when you are not living the life you want.
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  • Food blogger Joy

    by on

    I love Lorraine's writing style and you don't get more than a chapter or so into the book before all her friends seem like your own family. Queen Viv, Miss America, and all her cast of friends feature lovingly in her memoir of her food blog, Not Quite Nigella. It's a must for every food lover and blogger.


    by on

    It’s easy to understand why Lorraine Elliott has such a successful blog. Her book, Not Quite Nigella is written in such a lovely, friendly style that you can’t help but warm to her. Her culinary journey is described in an entertaining and humorous way and I enjoyed reading it.