NUTS for Your Life Recipes

NUTS for Your Life Recipes

A Complete Cookbook of Delicious, Nutty Dish Ideas!

by Thomas Kelly

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 20/04/2019

What types of nuts are most often used in meals, snacks and desserts, and how will you utilize these nuts to their full potential, with easy, quick recipes?Nuts provide you with quality fats and protein for quick snacks, and they also work well in many types of meals. You can use them for many parts of recipes, including fillers, flours, mix-in ingredients and toppings. This helpful cookbook will show you some of the best ways to use many types of nuts in cooking, salads and snacks. How can you bring out the true taste of nuts?Roasting nuts allows you to bring out their flavor. They can be sprinkled on sorbet, salads or yogurt. Pecans and bread crumbs make a dinner special. You can coat meats and fish with them, to give a meal more substance and crunch. Tossing in some pine nuts, walnuts or hazelnuts will give your salads an earthy flavor. Adding nuts to stir fry recipes makes them more nutritional and tastier, too. So, let's not wait any longer... on to the recipes with nuts
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Paperback / softback
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