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Paradox II

Paradox II

by Rosemary Laurey and J. C. Wilder
Publication Date: 01/09/2003
Nova by J.C. Wilder In the sequel to Heart of a Raven (Paradox I), Nova is on the verge of seeing her life's ambition come true when she wins a Merman in a card game. Now she's on the run with her unwanted companion, and with her future in the balance, she finds that the pursuit of her goals could cost this man his life. Adriana by Rosemary Laurey A lifelong vow of revenge, magic and a love that transcends both. Adriana has dedicated herself to the destruction of the invading Astrians who murdered her family and destroyed her village. But when she meets an honorable Astrian, she is torn between her lust for revenge and the unexpected love for her a avowed enemy. This book has been previously published. Warning, this title contains explicit sex.
Fantasy romance
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