Pearson English Year 9 Student Book

Pearson English Year 9 Student Book 2

by Michael Pryor

Publication Date: 28/10/2011

1/5 Rating 2 Reviews
The Pearson English student book for Year 9 exposes students to the richness of the English language. Written and presented in a student-friendly manner, the student book encourages engagement with the content and the topics. Significant care has been given to the selection of resources and accompanying tasks to ensure that they meet the demands of all strands and content descriptions of the Australian Curriculum for English. All chapters have been audited against year-level descriptions, general capabilities and cross-curricular dimensions to make sure that they comply in a pedagogically appropriate way.
Language: reference & general
Publication Date:
Pearson Education Australia
Country of origin:
Michael Pryor

Michael Pryor is one of Australia's premier Science Fiction and Fantasy authors.

He has more than a million words in print, publishing more than thirty-five books and over fifty short stories.

Michael has been shortlisted seven times for the Aurealis Awards and seven of his books have been CBCA Notable Books.

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  • Terrible book

    by on

    This is the worst english book on the market. The questions don't make any sense to me let alone my child. This book is terrible and should not be bought by anyone who wants their child to excel in their english. My child and i have spent countless hours looking at the book that seems like it has been written by 3 year olds. My child ,Phteven was receiving A's and high B's in his english, since getting this book he is getting C's. The writer of this book should be ashamed of their efforts and the way they are also teaching other children to learn like a 3 year old.

  • the worst english book around

    by on

    the book is terrible, my child is trying to use it for school, his teacher set him some questions to do and none of them make sense. i looked through the rest of the book to find out that none of the questions seemed relevant. i payed an unacceptable amount of money for this book and it is not what i payed for.
    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. defiantly would not recommend.