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Promise of Blood

Promise of Blood 1

Book 1 in the Powder Mage trilogy

by Brian McClellan
Publication Date: 30/04/2013
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
Field Marshal Tamas's coup against his king sends corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brings bread to the starving. But it also provokes war in the Nine Nations, internal attacks by royalist fanatics and a greedy scramble for money and power by Tamas's supposed allies: the Church, workers' unions and mercenary forces. Stretched to his limit, Tamas relies heavily on his few remaining powder mages, including the embittered Taniel, a brilliant marksman who also happens to be Tamas's estranged son, and Adamat, a retired police inspector whose loyalty will be tested to its limit. Now, amid the chaos, a whispered rumour is spreading. A rumour about omens of death and destruction. Just old peasant legends about the gods returning to walk the earth. No modern educated man believes that sort of thing ...But perhaps they should.
Publication Date:
Little, Brown Book Group
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Brian McClellan

Brian McClellan is an American epic fantasy author from Cleveland, Ohio.

He is known for his acclaimed Powder Mage Universe and essays on the life and business of being a writer.

Brian now lives on the side of a mountain in Utah with his wife, Michele, where he writes books and nurses a crippling video game addiction.

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Customer Reviews

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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Flintlock fantasy at its finest

    by on

    The author has created quite unique and interesting world that combining magic, gods and guns. While the world is verging on industrial revolution with the invention of the printing press, clocks, rifles and pistols, it is still very heavily steeped in magic. Magic is the core of this story with a very compelling hierarchy that ranges from minor abilities to god-like power. The concept of the powder mage is brilliant.

    The story runs at a good pace, is quite engaging and very exciting. The focus is on three main characters with an endearing supporting cast. The author has set the scene for a great trilogy.