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Quiet Please

Quiet Please

by Luther D Drakeford
Publication Date: 19/10/2012
Sometimes there is little opportunity for a student to study in a quiet place because at home there can be a loud television, a loud radio or parents or siblings creating family noise of which they are not aware of the consequents to a student. This book is to turn on the light bulb and make people aware of the serious damage that's causing our love ones to struggle in school. The aid from Ms. Sugar, the school personnel, twin brother Johnny, Cupcake and her parents even help from Mr. and Mrs. Shout. All though the parents didn't provide a peaceful home the parents did feed and clothed the twin boys and did the best they could.

The CLICHE it takes a village, at times, to raise a child should apply to the Shout family.

So I repeat that this is a true story. No one knows better than me. Because this is my (the Author's) Story.

After being a court appointed advocate for a teenage boy (a casa) volunteer and working around elementary school children for over 28 years as a New York City public school Fireman and later as a School Engineer I decided that writing a book would be far reaching and give parents and students an eye opener that is being over looked too often.
Children's / Teenage: general non-fiction
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Dog Ear Publishing
Country of origin:
United States
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