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Rebirth of the Salesman

Rebirth of the Salesman

The World of Sales Is Evolving. Are You?

by Cian McLoughlin
Publication Date: 09/12/2015

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From the co-author of Amazon #1 bestseller Secrets for Business Success comes a fascinating exploration of the changing face of the sales world - a world where the balance of power has shifted irrevocably from seller to buyer.

Cian has written a timely masterpiece for professional salespeople as they navigate unprecedented change and disruption. The battle for relevance and the imperative to deliver value makes this book a must read for anyone committed to both protecting and transforming their sales career. Tony Hughes - Business author, keynote speaker, #1 ranked influencer for professional selling in Asia Pacific by Top Sales World Magazine

A book that will help you to meet your customers where they are, which in a changing world is exactly where you need to be. Bernadette Jiwa - Brand story strategist, TEDx speaker, author of four Amazon #1 bestsellers, voted Best Australian Business Blog 2012

We have witnessed more advances in the world of professional selling in the past five years than in the previous 50. As buyers become increasingly self-educated, the sales role in many industries will undoubtedly diminish. How can organizations survive, let alone thrive in this new environment? In his excellent new book Rebirth of the Salesman, Cian McLoughlin provides a blueprint to guide us. Jonathan Farrington - Founder and CEO of Top Sales World Magazine

Chock full of war stories, insights and interviews with industry heavyweights from all sides of the sales spectrum, Rebirth of the Salesman provides a fascinating and surprisingly candid perspective on the multi-billion dollar sales industry. Each chapter hones in on a specific character trait and behaviour for achieving sales mastery, providing concrete steps that any salesperson or sales leader can follow to develop their sales effectiveness and enhance their personal and professional brand.

This is an insightful and uplifting book filled with the kind of courage and common sense that characterizes all great salespeople. Kristin Zhivago - Author, business technologist and President of the Cloud Era Institute

A must read for anyone wanting to take their rightful place in the brave new world of B2B sales. Matthew Michalewicz - Entrepreneurship, innovation and success psychology expert, author of Life in Half a Second

If you're committed to developing your sales skills, anticipating the needs of your customers or building a long term career in sales, then Rebirth of the Salesman is the book for you

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