Reluctantly Charmed

Reluctantly Charmed 3

by Ellie O'Neill

Paperback Publication Date: 01/10/2014

3/5 Rating 3 Reviews
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"Reluctantly Charmed is a sweet, whimsical, quintessentially Irish novel guaranteed to add a little magic to your day!" - Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies

It's Kate McDaid's birthday and she's hoping to kickstart her rather stagnant love-life and career when she gets some very strange news. To her surprise, she is the sole benefactor of a great-great-great-great aunt and self-proclaimed witch also called Kate McDaid, who died over 130 years ago. As if that isn't strange enough, the will instructs that, in order to receive the inheritance, Kate must publish seven letters, one by one, week by week.

Burning with curiosity, Kate agrees and opens the first letter - and finds that it's a passionate plea to reconnect with the long-forgotten fairies of Irish folklore. Instantly, Kate's life is turned upside down. Her romantic life takes a surprising turn and she is catapulted into the public eye. As events become stranger and stranger - and she discovers things about herself she's never known before - Kate must decide whether she can fulfil the final, devastating step of the request . . . or whether she can face the consequences if she doesn't.

Reluctantly Charmed is about what happens when life in the fast lane collides with the legacy of family, love and its possibilities... and a little bit of magic.
Contemporary fiction
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Simon & Schuster Australia
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Ellie O'Neill

Ellie O’Neill has sold spider catchers in Sydney, flipped burgers in Dublin and worked in advertising in London. Her debut novel, Reluctantly Charmed, was a bestseller, followed by The Enchanted Island. Ellie lives in Ireland with her husband and two children.

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  • Charmed I'm sure

    by on

    Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would...

    It started out with a lot of promise with the Kate finding out about her long lost heritage and a will from an infamous ancestor.

    What could possibly go wrong right?

    Apparently a lot and though the story itself is quite original in a sense, I just couldn't bring myself to like it due to it's many plot holes and unsatisfactory resolutions, especially for Kate. I feel for her, I really do...

    So on the whole, it was an interesting read but not enough to make me like or love it.

  • Fun (or not!) with the fairies!

    by on

    In this debut from Irish turned Aussie, Ellie O'Neil, the Irish is still very much present in a fun and funny lighthearted comedy in which Irish girl Kate McDaid finds her life turned upside down through the intervention of another Kate, her great aunt, a witch now (we think) dead.

    The fairy world starts encroaching on this one, and all sorts of catastrophe ensue (along with some romance) in this charming romp that fans of Monica McInerney and Marian Keyes will enjoy.