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Research Anthology on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Security

Research Anthology on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Security

Publication Date: 27/11/2020
As industries are rapidly being digitalized and information is being more heavily stored and transmitted online, the security of information has become a top priority in securing the use of online networks as a safe and effective platform. With the vast and diverse potential of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, it has become easier than ever to identify cyber vulnerabilities, potential threats, and the identification of solutions to these unique problems. The latest tools and technologies for AI applications have untapped potential that conventional systems and human security systems cannot meet, leading AI to be a frontrunner in the fight against malware, cyber-attacks, and various security issues. However, even with the tremendous progress AI has made within the sphere of security, it's important to understand the impacts, implications, and critical issues and challenges of AI applications along with the many benefits and emerging trends in this essential field of security-based research. Research Anthology on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Security seeks to address the fundamental advancements and technologies being used in AI applications for the security of digital data and information. The included chapters cover a wide range of topics related to AI in security stemming from the development and design of these applications, the latest tools and technologies, as well as the utilization of AI and what challenges and impacts have been discovered along the way. This resource work is a critical exploration of the latest research on security and an overview of how AI has impacted the field and will continue to advance as an essential tool for security, safety, and privacy online. This book is ideally intended for cyber security analysts, computer engineers, IT specialists, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in AI applications in the realm of security research.
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IGI Global
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United States
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