Savage Lane

Savage Lane

by Jason Starr

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 24/06/2019

The chilling psychological thriller from the Anthony Award-winning author of PANIC ATTACK EVERYONE HAS A SECRET Life is sublime in the idyllic suburb of New York City. Recent divorcee Karen Daily and her two kids have for the first time in years found joy as they settle into the close-knit community of Savage Lane. Neighbors, Mark and Deb Berman, have been so supportive as Karen moves on in life: teaching at the local school and even dating again.But behind pristine houses and perfect smiles lie dark motives far more sinister than Karen could have ever imagined. Unknown to her, Mark, trapped in his own unhappy marriage, has developed a rich fantasy life for the two of them. And as rumors start to spread, it seems that he isn't the only one targeting her... PRAISE FOR JASON STARR'S SAVAGE LANE"Reminiscent of Rick Moody's THE ICE STORM and Tom Perrotta's LITTLE CHILDREN, SAVAGE LANE is a novel of our lives and times that is a must-read on multiple levels... Starr is one of the greatest writers now working in the United States."BOOKREPORTER "A hard-to-put-down book-you are likely to find yourself repeatedly thinking "I'll just read one more chapter." One of the best crime fiction books of the year."THE TELEGRAPH, LONDON "Who but Jason Starr could render suburban vice pitch black, sneakily endearing, and wickedly funny all at once? Shows, in grand style, how twisted the hearts of All-American families can be, and how those white picket fences can be dangerously sharp."MEGAN ABBOTT
Thriller / suspense
Paperback / softback
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Independently Published
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