Secret Parchment

Secret Parchment

Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques

by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon

Hardback Publication Date: 01/02/2013

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In 2003, when a mysterious ancient chamber was unearthed beneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains, it became a state secret of the highest level for Romania and their new partner, the United States, whose advanced technology enabled the discovery to take place. The primary custodial agency of this remarkable chamber full of holographic technology is Department Zero, a secret service unit that answers only to the Romanian president. Ever since, there has been a continuous and persistent effort by certain Romanian and American factions to undermine the authority of Department Zero in order to gain access to and control this technology. The Secret Parchment -- Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques tells the story of the detailed political intrigues behind this remarkable find and also how these matters have been subject to intervention by superior spiritual forces, one of which concerns the arranged discovery of an ancient Tibetan manuscript which is revealed and explained in this book. After the ancient manuscript is translated, a mysterious antenna-like structure reveals itself as a result of melting ice near a secret American base in Antarctica.
Acting as some sort of cosmic buoy, it has an energy signature connecting both to Jupiter's moon, Europa, and an area of Transylvania where the remains of an ancient civilisation were uncovered in 1990 amidst vast tunnels of solid gold. Long ago classified as the top state secret of Romania, this location becomes the centre of intrigue in and around Department Zero. Although not actually penetrating the underground area itself, Peter Moon visits the general area and determines that this ancient civilisation is still very much alive and active.
European history
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Sky Books
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United States
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