Secrets to Serene Space

Secrets to Serene Space

Art of Space Clearing and Creating Sanctuary; Clear Negative Energies, Use Metaphysics to Change Your Space and Life

by Myra Sri

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 01/01/2015

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Journey behind the feel-good space clearing hype to discover Real changes that you can make in your home and life.

Go Beyond the practical applications of placement and sprays, learn how to clear old negative energies, interfering issues, residual emotions and how to really change the energy vibration of your space. Metaphysical and transformational tools are included with practical explanations and clearing guides to give you confidence to handle any space

Bring energies that help you feel like YOU again back to support your health and happiness.


A home is a place to return to for safety, nurturing, rejuvenation and love. Does your home sanctuary nurture and support you? Does it fill you with pleasure and enjoyment? Do you feel safe there? Take a moment to look around your home... how does it reflect you? How does it feel to you? Are you able to revitalise and rejuvenate there whenever you need to? Does your home welcome you? If the answer is "No" and you are aware that you need to do something to change your space, and possibly yourself, then you will find lots of ideas and help in this book.

If you want to go deeper than just shifting surface stuff around, if you feel that there could be some old "nasties" lying around somewhere you would like to shift, if you feel that you would like to get clearer within yourself as well as within your living space, then this is the book for you. We look at some of the hidden and unseen aspects that can cause a place to feel "stuck" as well as how to go about easy decluttering. We look at using Statements and Affirmations to inspire and focus you. We reveal the impact of past trauma and energy imprints. And how to clear them. We teach you how to be your own expert, your own Clearing Guru, easily and safely. We look at Feng Shui and its benefits, as well as Zen. Learn about how to remove not only negative energies but also learn what a Portal is and how to clear them, as well as Orbs and Thoughtforms.

Discover not only how to Clear your place, but the essential step that must follow that for true success in your Clearing. You will be provided with everything you need to know about Space Clearing as well as easy and clear Scripts to assist in your clearing process. You can evolve your home and your life together. Here in an easy to read book you will find how to create Sanctuary in your own personal space.

These are time-proven tools, brought to you by an energy expert with many years experience. You will also find advanced ideas for you to play with to not only improve your home, but also your life, if you so choose.


Self-help & personal development
Paperback / softback
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