Seven Freedom Elements

Seven Freedom Elements 5

The Essential Foundations for Confidence, Clarity and a Life You Love

by Kylie Zeal

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 06/02/2018

5/5 Rating 5 Reviews
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Is it possible to live every day with confidence and clarity while dealing with inevitable life challenges?
Seven Freedom Elements makes living a life of freedom simple and helps readers understand the essential foundations they need to move through life’s daily challenges with a sense of confidence and clarity. In the same way that a dream house needs a solid foundation, the ideal life requires a mastering of the essential elements that empower and free those facing life’s challenges to take their next daring step on life’s journey. Whether it is creating a business, generating more money, quality relationships, or simply being happier, it all requires the same foundational, learnable skills. Kylie Zeal has taken all that she has learned through thousands of hours of research, working with clients, and her personal experience, and given structure to those insights. The result is seven key qualities that form the basis of a life of freedom, and Seven Freedom Elements describes them in a way that is easy to read and understand. Readers will discover how old behavior patterns are keeping them stuck, the choices they have over their own self-worth, and how to experience more freedom than they ever believed was possible.
Paperback / softback
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Morgan James Publishing
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United States
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    by on

    This book has a special place in my home, coming from both an unconscious and conscious self sabotaging lifestyle, the value I have attained from these chapters is priceless.
    It has truly given me the courage and belief which has turned my life around and freed me from the insecurities I've been lugging around, it has definitely assisted in being comfortably at ease with my imperfections, strengthening my glass half full mindset to stand up and take full responsibility for my life.
    Seven Freedom Elements has most of all muscled my awareness regarding my past choices, low self-esteem and lack of integrity, it has given my faith muscle a workout in believing that they simply are just that (poor choices) thus now my decisions have been noticeably more proactive and positive according to my observing my mind.
    This book has released the rope and given me a fresh breeze to sail into uncharted territories of uncertainty, which in all honesty is the best thing that has ever happened to me, Definitely keeping a lookout for future writings from this author.

  • Highly recommended

    by on

    This book was fantastic! Kylie is an engaging and inspiring author. She shares her personal experiences and insights along with thought provoking content that truly changed my perspective on many aspects of my life. I couldn't recommend it enough

  • Wow what a brilliant read from start to finish!

    by on

    The author has managed to write an easy to follow and easy to understand book integrating her own personal stories to create your own ‘aha’ moments. I love how every chapter reintegrates how each of the elements complement each other to build your own personal freedom.

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