Shadows and Other Tales

Shadows and Other Tales

by Tony Richards

Publication Date: 01/01/2016

Get ready for the scariest journey of your life. Because it doesn't matter where you go--London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Japan, Jamaica--you'll find one thing waiting for you when you get there...Shadows. They're on the street, down every narrow alley. They even haunt the corner of a bright tropical beach. They are always there, lingering at the edges of your vision. And They never, ever go away. Come with Tony Richards as he wanders the globe in search of new ones. You see, anything can cast them. A raggedy old circus tent. The dim corridors of an old-age home. The incense-smelling depths of a traditional Chinese temple. You can even find them in a house just like your own. And if you dare to step into those shadows, you'll find something even more terrifying... Fear of The Unknown.
Horror & ghost stories
Publication Date:
Dark Regions Press, LLC
Country of origin:
United States

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