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Sixty Years of Unconditional Love from Dogs and Cats

Sixty Years of Unconditional Love from Dogs and Cats

by Paul King

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 24/10/2018

Some people always say animals are stupid and have no feelings. They are wrong. Animals can talk to us in many ways. They can't tell you how they're feeling if they're sick, but they do let us know they are sick. They let us know when they want something, to go in or out, when they are happy, and they know when we are feeling bad or sad about something. Animals sense when we have a problem, and it's been proven that they know when someone has a medical problem. I've had wounds that wouldn't heal and let the dogs lick them, and before long, they would heal up. They would give their lives to save and protect us, no matter what, and save us from being harmed in any way.

Yet, there are people who mistreat them, tie them to trees, do not feed them, not give them water, or give them any protection from bad weather. Yet, the animal still would protect the humans without thinking about it. If I had my way, I would take these people and do to them as they would do to animals. But we have laws to protect the people, and the animal sometimes dies before the laws help them.

In the Bible, God told Adam that it was our job to take care of the animals. Animals are God's creatures too, and it is time that all people treat them as such.

Paul King came back from Vietnam changed forever. Lana, his wife of forty-three years, has witnessed his nightmares, panic attacks, and other issues associated with PTSD. Through it all, she has always supported him. They currently live in New Mexico. He has written several books, including a book called, Vietnam: The Way It Really Was., detailing his experience in Vietnam.
Domestic animals & pets
Paperback / softback
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Joshua Tree Publishing
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