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Slaves to the Metal Horde and Hunters out of Time

Slaves to the Metal Horde and Hunters out of Time

by Milton Lesser and Joseph E. Kelleam

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 12/06/2011

Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels, complete with original illustrations. The first novel, "Slaves to the Metal Horde," is another engaging science fiction thriller from Milton Lesser. A terrible war and a great plague had all but destroyed civilization. This left many of the surviving humans as slaves to an army of robots. The same metal creatures they had once been masters to. Would mankind ever be able to regain its supremacy? The second novel, "Hunters Out of Time," is a great sci-fi fantasy by Joseph E. Kelleam. Catapulted into caverns deep within the Earth, Dr. Jack Odin has an adventure equal to his newly acquired title "Nors-King."
Science fiction
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Armchair Fiction & Music
Country of origin:
United States
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