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Social Policy in Australia 3e

Social Policy in Australia 3e

Understanding for Action

by Alison McClelland and Paul Smyth

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 29/10/2014


Social Policy in Australia 3rd edition guides students in understanding the meaning and operation of social policy in Australia.

Taking a critical approach, and placing their analysis of social policy in an international context, the authors provide a framework for understanding the roles and relationships of the key players and institutions that influence the decision-making process. This authoritative, up to date text is written in light of the latest change in government and tackles the issues most relevant in recent times, including climate change and social justice.

New to this edition

  • New chapter 8 ‘Population: An Ever-present Policy Issue’
  • Chapter 13 ‘Education Policy: Issues, Debates and Opportunities in Australian Schooling’ and Chapter 10 ‘Housing Policy: Change and Prospects’ have been re-written
  • Significant updates to Chapter 12 ‘Healthy Policy: Change and Continuity’, which now addresses changing governments and health policy dynamics.
  • Substantial updates to Chapter 16 ‘Taxation: Paying for Policy’
Social welfare & social services
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Oxford University Press Australia
Country of origin:
3rd Edition
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Part 1: Introduction to Social Policy
1. What is Social Policy?
2. Values, Concepts and Social Policy Design
3. A Framework for Understanding and Action
4. The Institutional Context for Decisions and Action

Part 2: The Historical, International and Changing Context for Action
5. The Historical Context for Action
6. Australian Social Policy in an International Context
7. Changes and Challenges

Part 3: Areas for Social Policy Action
8. Population: An Ever-present Policy Issue
9. Unemployment Policy: Unemployment, Underemployment and Labour Market Insecurity
10. Social Security Policy: Doing More with Less?
11. Housing Policy: Big Problems but Well Down the Agenda
12. Health Policy: Change and Continuity
13. Education Policy: Issues, Debates and Opportunities in Australian Schooling
14. Community Services: Challenges for the Twenty-first Century
15. Climate Change: A New Challenge for Social Policy
16. Taxation: Paying for Policy

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