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Solution to Shyness & Conversation Skills For The Shy (2 books in 1)

Solution to Shyness & Conversation Skills For The Shy (2 books in 1)

Ovecome shyness and social anxiety, learn how to easily talk to anyone & become a more confident person

by Emma Watkins and Michelle Butler
Publication Date: 10/04/2019
*** 2 books in 1 bundle! *** THE SOLUTION TO SHYNESS
Would like to learn how to quickly overcome shyness?
Would you like to improve your social skills, confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem?
Master becoming a more confident person in your relationships and work with simple, effective and fast steps.

This best selling guide has helped countless people around the world to become more confident and finally discover the solution to shyness and social anxiety.

Topics covered include:
* Practical ways to increase your confidence immediately
* Raise your self-esteem
* Become more confident and assertive
* Quickly overcome fears!
* Real life case studies
* Personality tips
* Quickly learn how to become a great conversationalist
* Handle any social situation
* Taking action even when scared
* How to talk so that people will listen and how to listen so that people will talk
* Dealing with criticism
* How to instantly be a more positive person
* The vital steps to becoming a more confident person, fast!and much more!

Would like to learn how to be able to talk to anyone, in any situation?
Would you like to quickly learn the skills to overcome your shyness in social situations?
Would you like to improve your influence, respect, assertiveness, self esteem, conversation skills and confidence?

As a previously shy person, Emma Watkins is perfectly placed to write the definitive guide to conversation skills and social interactions for people who find communicating difficult. Long recognized as an expert in this field, Watkins has removed all the nonsense and produced a simple and easy-to-follow guide to conversation and social interactions for the shy person.

Topics covered include:
* Learn How To Talk To Anyone
* How To Use Eye Contact To Your Benefit
* How To Understand Other People & How To Respond To Them
* Dealing With Job Interviews, Meetings, Office Parties and Everyday Work Life
* The Key To Making Friends With People
* How To Be Assertive
* Small Talk - This Is The Key
* Overcoming Fear & Social Anxiety
* Leaving Shy Behind
* How To Handle Formal Events
* Tips To Handle Any Life Situation
and so much more!

"A highly recommended guide to anyone who finds social situations difficult. I have no hesitations in recommending this book to anyone wanting to improve their social and conversation skills."
Stephen Green
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