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Stealing Light

Stealing Light

A Raven Chronicles Anthology: Selected Work, 1991-1996

by Paul HunterStephanie Lawyer and Phoebe Bosche
Publication Date: 16/09/2018
Stealing Light: A Raven Chronicles Anthology, Selected Work from Summer 1991 - Fall 1996, edited by Kathleen Alcal , Phoebe Bosch , Paul Hunter, and Stephanie Lawyer. The anthology includes the poems, essays, fiction, interviews, and storytelling from 92 writers, and the artwork / illustrations of 26 artists. From 1991 to 2018, for twenty-seven years, we published forty-eight issues of the journal Raven Chronicles.-Claudia Castro Luna, Washington State Poet Laureate (2018-2020): Seattle, August, 2018To read these pages is to find missives from the frenetic and demonic to the plaintive and searching, from love under the tender lagoons of our nails to deep down secret places of memory. From Alaska to Jordan, Mexico to Hawaii, via owl and whale, there is plenty in these pages for everyone. What I love here is the range of voice, the span of geography, days explosive like gasoline in Kristin Naca's "Bitch" poem and the lifetimes to recover roots described in Kathleen Marie's "Red Geranium in a Folger's Coffee Can." Then there are the brilliant, generous, insightful conversations with writers, painters, professors, and poets, as well as valuable notes from writers conferences and forums. The feelings and ideas captured in these pages simmered enough down under in the guts and marrow of the writers that engendered them in sweat lodges, in seaside caves macerating with sand and salt, on the haunches of deer, clinging to bear's musk. These are stories woven with horse's dreams tied with ancestor's losses turned fire and flower. These are stories imbued with that famous Toni Morrison's dictum, "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." I clearly felt the power of the authors' yearning and necessity leaping off each page. I invite you, dear reader, to relish their work as much as I did. Poets include Raine Arroyo, Ken Gollersrud Ayala, Anna B lint, Bart Baxter, Dina Ben-Lev, James Bertolino, Phoebe Bosch , Sean Brendan-Brown, Nancy Cherry, Alice Derry, John Enright, Heid Ellen Erdrich, Tess Gallagher, Diane Glancy, Paul r Harding, Sharon Hashimoto, Alicia Hokanson, Donnell Hunter, Paul Hunter, Lauren Kaushansky, Marion Kimes, Dorothy Kneubuhl, Larry Laurence, Stacey Levine, Fatima Lim-Wilson, Anna Odessa Linzer, Kathleen Marie, Armando Mart nez, Valerie Matsumoto, Tiffany Midge, Kevin Miller, Kristin Naca, Duane Niatum, Amy Pence, Freda Quenneville, Belle Randall, Margaret Randall, William Reichard, Carter Revard, Lawrence Revard, dan raphael, Mira Chieko Shimabukuro, Eddie Silva, Ann Spiers, JT Stewart, Stephen Thomas, Joyce Thompson, Gail E. Tremblay, Nico Vassilakis, Ron Welburn, David Lloyd Whited, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Don Wilsun, Elizabeth Woody, Qiu Xiaolong. Fiction writers include Diana Abu-Jaber, Daniel F. Aga, Kathleen de Azevedo, D.L. Birchfield, Omar S. Casta eda, Lise Erdrich, Leonard Goodman, Amy Halloran, Gregory Hischak, Arthur J. Johnson, Stephan Magcosta, Donna Miscolta, Dawn Karima Pettigrew, Richard Ploetz, Bill Ransom, Trisha Ready, David Romtvedt, Barbara Earl Thomas, Susan Wilbur, Carletta Carrington Wilson. Non-fiction writers include Kathleen Alcal , Jody Aliesan, Steven Jesse Bernstein, D.L. Birchfield, Gary Curtis, Stephan Magcosta, Nora Martin, Deborah A. Miranda, Joycelyn Moody, John Olson, Robert Shimabukuro, Marilyn Stablein, Arthur Tulee, Roy D. Wilson, Janet Yoder.Interviews by Kathleen Alcal , Phoebe Bosch , E.K. Caldwell, Scott Martin, Philip H. Red Eagle. Art/Illustrations by Alfredo Arregu n, Kree Arvanitas, Rick Bartow, Abe Blashko, Gary Curtis, Anita Endrezze, Frank S. Fujii, Charles (Chas) Johnson, Irene H. Kuniyuki, Gayanna Magcosta, Scott Martin, Harlow Morgan, Fran Murphy, Caroline Orr, Mary Randlett, Elizabeth Sandvig, Marilyn Stablein, Jon Strongbow, Barbara Earle Thomas, Terry Turrell, Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., Patti Warashina, Gloria White-Calico, Carletta Carrington Wilson, Dean Wong.
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Raven Chronicles Press
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