Storm: Sylo (Book 2)

Storm: Sylo (Book 2)

The Sylo Chronicles #2

by D. J. MacHale

Hardback Publication Date: 24/09/2014

After a harrowing escape from Pemberwick Island, Tucker Pierce and his surviving friends-Tori, Kent, and Olivia-have finally reached the mainland, only to find that no one is left.

That's not their only sickening discovery. Moments before they are attacked by another of the mysterious black planes, they investigate one's wreck and are horrified to find that it bears the logo of the U.S. Air Force. This can only mean one thing- the United States is at war with itself-the deadly technology of the Air Force against the brute force of the Navy's SYLO unit, which still holds Pemberwick Island and its residents captive.

Tucker must lead his friends to safety, but his head is spinning. How can the Air Force be perpetuating such genocide against not only its own citizens, but the world? What is SYLO's role in this, and why did Tucker's parents betray him by allying with SYLO, whose commander, Captain Granger, killed Tori's father at point-blank range? And what did his mother mean when she told him to trust no one?

Tucker, Tori, and friends set off cross-country on a quest for answers and, for Tucker, vengeance. But as one highway gives way to the next-and one death-defying escape precedes another-Tucker soon realizes that 'trust no one' doesn't just mean the U.S. military.
The exhilarating, action-packed sequel to SYLO
'This action-filled, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it adventure . . . should leave teen readers clamoring for the next installment.' Voya
*'Absolutely un-put-down-able, more exciting than an Xbox and a roller coaster combined.' Kirkus, starred review
'If you're a fan of The Maze Runner and Alex Rider, you might want to pick up SYLO . . . . A fast-paced read and a huge cliff-hanger.'
'With this extremely high-octane story that's the equivalent to a summer movie blockbuster, MacHale kicks off an apocalyptic trilogy sure to leave readers demanding the next installment.' Booklist
'An entertaining and creepy tale.' Publishers Weekly
'MacHale pens some terrific and unique action scenes . . . . Will leave readers hungry for the next installment.' School Library Journal
'A relentlessly fast-paced, intriguing, expertly-written tale that leaves you breathless and satisfied, yet wanting more. Highly recommended.' James Dashner, New York Times bestselling author of the Maze Runner series
Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
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United States
2nd Edition
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