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Suleiman The Magnificent - Sultan Of The East

Suleiman The Magnificent - Sultan Of The East

by Harold Lamb
Publication Date: 04/11/2008
Sule e i iman THE MAGNIFICENT Sultan 01 the East HAROLD LAMB Garden City, N. Y. DOUBLEDAY COMPANY, INC. 1951 s -, 1,7 JJ M - bg rr SOLEJiWANS ADVANCES 1521-1566 TO THE WEST OF EGYPT IN AFRICA MORTH OF THE DANUBE IN EUROPE EXCEPT FOR WALLACHU-. EASTOFERZERUM IWASfA. liSS. bi -,. i-vY ltlVlu hiGhm y i i VV i i i W - lf . - M-- -.. ,,-, j. ij SULEIMAN AT THIRTY YEARS OF AGE Sketched by Diirer from contemporary description To MAJOR GENERAL EARL S. HOAG U. S. Air Force a friend of the Turks and my friend Contents I THE SUMMONS 1 The Messengers 1 Voices of the City 9 Seclusion of the Family 18 Sheepskins in the Treasury 27 The Rose Garden between Two Worlds 33 The White City 40 II LANDS OF WAR 45 The Bastard of the Magnifica Comunita 45 School of the Tribute ChUdren 48 Rhodes .
56 The Surrender 63 The Cost of the Capture of Rhodes 67 Mainstays of the Organization 75 Appearance of the Laughing One 79 The First Show at the Hippodrome 82 Janizaris Overturn Their Kettles 88 The Warning of Mohacs 92 Opening of die Corridor 99 Appeal of the Queen Mother of France 105 Europe s Kaleidoscope Changes 109 Laws and Human Needs Challenge of the First Embassies 119 Road to Vienna The Kartnertor Retreat Evidence of the Hippodrome 136 End of the Three Gentle Souls 140 The Utopia of 1531 144 March of the Phantom Army 150 Truce on the Danube I 56 III THE SEA 161 The Impelling Forces 161 Khair ad-Din Barbarossa 164 Charles Sails to Africa 170 Barbarossa Sells Himself 176 The Instructions of Monsieur de la Foret 181 Foray into Italy 183 The Lost Army and the Holy League 187 The Duel offPrevesa 193 The Wind of Charles 198 IV THE QUEST IN ASIA 207 The Secret in the Poem 207 What Ogier Busbecq Saw 209 The Enemy in-Asia 211 Journey into the Past 213 The Case of Iskander Chelebi 217 The Power and the Glory 220 On the Steppes of Asia 222 Barbarossas Last Jest 227 Dragut 232 A Peace Is Won 238 The First Conspiracy of the Harem 241 The Three Mutes of the Bowstring 247 The Refuge on the Hill 253 The Danger of Peace and Wealth 257 The Approach of Ivan the Terrible 262 The Lost Admiral 265 The Ride to the Last Judgment 271 V MALTA, AND THE LAST MARCH OUT 277 The Impossible Task 277 Death of Bayazid 281 Refuge on the Black Mountain 288 The Dead Men of St.
Elmo 292 Change of the Leaders 301 The Anniversary at Sziget 305 VI EBB OF THE TURKISH TIDE 311 The Lawgiver 311 The Accusers 315 When the Women Ruled 318 The Impelling Forces 325 The Destructive Forces 326 The Legend of the Warrior 329 The Legend of the Pirates, and Lepanto 332 The Barbary Coast 337 Suleiman and Ivan the Terrible 340 The Turks Hold to the Black Sea 342 The Russians Stand Firm without Their Heads 345 ACKNOWLEDGMENT 350 INDEX 357 ix Suleiman THE MAGNIFICENT
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