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Tales from the Crypt #5: Yabba Dabba Voodoo

Tales from the Crypt #5: Yabba Dabba Voodoo

by Christian ZanierJohn L Lansdale Fred Van Lente and others
Publication Date: 07/10/2008
Just when you thought Tales From The Crypt couldn't get any scarier, the Crypt-Keeper, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper return with four more all-new "fear-y tales" to frighten the Bejeezus out of you! A man receives telepathic signals from a young beautiful woman, but it all turns out terror-ably wrong in "Glass Heads." And speaking of dangerous women, wait `till you meet "She Who Would Rule the World," with powers far beyond those of mortal men! She makes the Frankenstein Monster look like a pussycat! Plus a couple of Voodoo tales that'll make your head spin - right off! "Chicken Man" and "Voodoo Redeux." Too scary? Don't worry, the GhouLunatics are always on hand to get you through the gruesome goings-on!
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United States
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Fred Van Lente

Fred Van Lente is the #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning writer of comics like Odd Is on Our Side (with Dean R. Koontz), Archer & Armstrong (Harvey Award nominee, Best Series and Special Award for Humor) and Action Philosophers! (American Library Association Best Graphic Novel for Teens).

He co-wrote the original graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens (with Andrew Foley), the basis for the feature film. His last mystery was the Quirk Books title Ten Dead Comedians. His many other titles include X Men Noir, Weird Detective (Dark Horse 2016), Resurrectionists, The Comic Book History of Comics, The Incredible Hercules (with Greg Pak), Taskmaster, Marvel Zombies and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Tony Isabella

Tony Isabella is a comic book writer and editor, known for his work at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In addition to creating the iconic '70s hero Black Lightning, he also worked on several cult-classic series like Ghost Rider and Heroes For Hire.

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