Talking Walls

Talking Walls

by Margy Burns Knight and Anne Sibley O'Brien

Paperback / softback Age range: + years old Publication Date: 01/01/1992


Since the 1992 publication of their first book (Talking Walls), Margy Burns Knight and Anne Sibley O'Brien have become respected names in multicultural publishing and diversity education. In 1997 they received the National Education Association's Author-Illustrator Human and Civil Rights Award for their work. Their books broaden our understanding of other cultures and teach empathy, compassion, and tolerance in a nonjudgmental way. They show children that each of us has a story to tell and a heritage worth preserving.

The award-winning Talking Walls and its sequel, Talking Walls: The Stories Continue, introduce young readers to different cultures and different issues around the world by telling the stories of walls and how they can hold a community together or separate it. Featured walls include the Great Wall of China, the murals of Diego Rivera, Nelson Mandela's prison walls, a Holocaust memorial in Poland, Ndebele wall designs in South Africa, Hadrian's Wall in England, and the Peace Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland. These books will spark the curiosity of young readers as they learn about their world and its amazing diversity.

The Teacher's Guides, written by Margy Burns Knight and Thomas V. Chan, offer hundreds of classroom activities in language arts, social studies, science, math, food experiences, arts and crafts, and more, with many print and non-print resources for further explorations.

Multicultural education
Age range:
+ years old
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Tilbury House Publishers
Country of origin:
United States
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