Talon, Connected

Talon, Connected 1

by Gigi Sedlmayer

Publication Date: 01/09/2013

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Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
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Aurora House
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  • We are all connected!

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    'When you have to walk further, wherever it might be, I beg you, never to go alone anymore. I think that as a lesson for us all. I believe it was a warning. If Dad had been alone, he surely would have died.

    I was deeply moved by this narrative describing the picture of a loving family, facing the everyday challenges together. The boy who loved his birthday presents, a couple of his favorite books, together with the love of his sister and parents, as well as their animal/condor friends was also a thrilling and touching scene.

    Matica feels more responsible now, more mature. She learns to identiffy real and potential threats, be it poachers or speaking in front of an audience.

    She also encounters the perspective of getting older and passing away concerning senior members of a family or community; especially when being invited to see Elcano, the father of the village elder Pajaro (meaning 'bird' in Spanish).

    In a way, we should really stay connected and learn from our ancestors. Moreover, we should never neglect our friends, as we could rely only on them in difficult situations and progress or be successful together.