The dambusters in world war 2 - 617 Squadron

The dambusters in world war 2 - 617 Squadron

by Andreas Wachtel and Andy Lee

Hardback Publication Date: 20/08/2008

No 617 Squadron of 5 Group RAF Bomber Command was the most famous RAF Squadron in World War II. It was formed to carry out the precision low-level attack, using Barnes Wallace's newly developed rotating mine, now commonly referred to as 'The Bouncing Bomb'.

The raid was a tremendous success, although at great cost to the squadron. Guy Gibson VC was tasked with organizing the formation and training of the new squadron and the 'Dambusters' have been national heroes ever since. The book pays particular attention to timings of the Dams raid, as it is easy to overlook the fact, that this was a complex three-phase operation, spanning 8 hours and 47 minutes, with action occurring simultaneously at widely dispersed locations.

It also covers the circumstances of the losses, by examining the testimony of eyewitnesses on both sides, and presenting arguments to help readers decide for themselves what actually happened.
General & world history
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Pen & Sword Books Limited
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United Kingdom
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