The Energy Secret

The Energy Secret

Daily Practices to Tap into the Power of Your Vital Energy

by Jane Alexander

Hardback Publication Date: 10/03/2020

RRP  $27.99 $23.95

Energy runs through all of life and links us with other people, our homes and nature and with the universe and spirit. But we don't really use it to our benefit. Understanding and directing your vital energy can give life more meaning and purpose and help with your health, your relationships and your mental wellbeing. Divided into four topics: Body energy (including breathing, exercise and the energy of food); Emotional energy (connecting to other people and their energy); Environmental energy (how to cultivate a great atmosphere at home and at work and how to connect with the natural world and the seasons); and Spiritual Energy (using prayer, visualisation and ritual to connect to the ultimate energy source, looking at the dark energy of judgement and depression and how to manage it, and finally, looking at death and where that energy goes. Energy healing treatments include reiki, chakra healing, acupressure and acupuncture. But there's so much you can do yourself at home to clear your energy paths and find harmony and joy. Jane offers simple techniques and exercises to work with, from massage and breathing to tantra and Taoism, from Feng Shui to shamanism, this is an in-depth guide to energy and its secret power.
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Octopus Publishing Group
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United Kingdom
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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander is an acknowledged expert in the field of natural wellbeing. She is the author over 20 books on the subject, including the best-selling Spirit of the Home, The Detox Plan and The Five Minute Healer. Her books have been translated into over 16 languages (including the US, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy and Hungary).

Jane wrote the ground-breaking Self column in the Daily Mail for many years and has been a contributor to a huge number of national newspapers, women's magazines and health titles. She has a regular column in Natural Health magazine.

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