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The Fool's Quest

The Fool's Quest 1

by Robin Hobb
Publication Date: 13/08/2015
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
'Fantasy as it ought to be written' George R.R. Martin Robin Hobb returns to her best loved characters. Happy endings never last...Years ago, they freed a dragon from the glaciers on Aslevjal. Then they parted ways, the Fool returning to far-off Clerres, while Fitz finally claimed a wife, a family, and a home of his own. Now, betrayed by his own people and broken by torment, the Fool has made his way back to the Six Duchies. But as Fitz attempts to heal his old friend in Buckkeep Castle, his young daughter Bee is abducted from Withywoods by pale and mysterious raiders who leave ruin and confusion in their wake. Fitz must find a way to rescue his beloved Bee. At the same time it is the Fool's fiercest wish to return to Clerres with the best assassin he has ever known, to gain vengeance and justice. Can Fitz bear to take up the tools of his old trade again, even to avenge his dearest friend and save his child?
Publication Date:
HarperCollins Publishers
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
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Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb is one of the world’s finest writers of epic fiction. She was born in California in 1952 but raised in Alaska, where she learned how to raise a wolf cub, to skin a moose and to survive in the wilderness.

When she married a fisherman who fished herring and the Kodiak salmon-run for half the year, these skills would stand her in good stead.

She raised her family, ran a smallholding, delivered post to her remote community, all at the same time as writing stories and novels.

She succeeded on all fronts, raising four children and becoming an internationally best-selling writer. She lives in Tacoma, Washington State.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Everything I wanted from a Fitz & Fool story

    by on

    Finally, a book worthy to continue Fitz’s story! I enjoyed reading Fool’s Assassin last year, but felt there was something missing from the tale – probably too much story building and sadness and not enough action. Fool’s Quest was still a little slow at times. Even though it picked up immediately after the cliffhanger, Fitz himself didn’t find out what has happened for quite a few chapters, but once the folk at Buckkeep do find out, it’s all systems go, Fitz blames himself (as usual) for the horrible things that have happened at Withywoods and immediately swears vengeance.

    There is a lot of nostalgic referencing of earlier events and lost characters in this part of the story and there were things that pass between Fitz, the Fool, Chade and Kettricken that felt like they were a long time coming. It has been too long since I read the previous trilogies and many of these events are vague in my mind, but they are evoked in a way that made me remember them as I read. It’s truly a book for old fans of the Elderlings series.

    The emotional turmoil in this book is incredible, and I was reminded just how much of a master of human portrayal Robin Hobb is. Every character feels so alive and we feel every emotion right along with them. There’s plenty of joy along with some terrible sadness, rage and terror, and of course it all ends on another double-cliffhanger. I’d recommend reading the whole thing in as few sittings as you can manage – it took me lots of little sessions over a week to get through it and it drove me crazy having to stop all the time!

    A warning: You might like to skip this series if you are upset by sexual violence and torture. I mean, you should know what you’re getting into with Robin Hobb really, but there are particular scenes in this book that are pretty horrible.

    And now I feel like I must go back and finish reading the Rain Wild Chronicles! It’ll help to pass the time until the final book comes out, anyway…