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The Four Quartets & The Waste Land

The Four Quartets & The Waste Land

by T S Eliot

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 20/04/2020

2 Book in 1 Books. Combo of Four Quartets and The Waste Land.Four Quartets is the culminating achievement of T.S. Eliot's career as a poet. While containing some of the most musical and unforgettable passages in twentieth-century poetry, its four parts, 'Burnt Norton', 'East Coker', 'The Dry Salvages' and 'Little Gidding', present a rigorous meditation on the spiritual, philosophical and personal themes which preoccupied the author. It was the way in which a private voice was heard to speak for the concerns of an entire generation, in the midst of war and doubt, that confirmed it as an enduring masterpiece.The Waste Land is a classic poem by T. S. Eliot, considered a landmark text of the Modernist movement. Famous for juxtaposing Eastern cultures with Western literary references, The Waste Land has been celebrated for its eloquence, depth of meaning and numerous subtleties. Rich with allusions to religious texts of Hinduism and Buddhism, ancient literature, and Eliot's own life, the poem is admired to this day and is a common text in school and university English literature courses.
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Paperback / softback
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