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The Indigo Spell: Bloodlines Book 3

The Indigo Spell: Bloodlines Book 3 2

by Richelle Mead
Publication Date: 12/02/2013
4/5 Rating 2 Reviews
Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives. In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she struggles to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she finally tracks down the elusive, enigmatic Marcus Finch - a former Alchemist who the organisation denies exists, and who lives in shadows, on the run. With Marcus's help, Sydney realises that the group she's been loyal to her whole life has been hiding the truth from her. Is it possible that her golden lily tattoo might have more power over her than she thinks? As she struggles to come to terms with what that might mean, Sydney is compelled to use her growing magical powers to track down an evil magic user who is targeting powerful young witches. Using magic goes against everything she always thought she believed, but she realises that her only hope is to embrace her special blood - or else she might be next. Forging her own way is harder than Sydney ever dreamed.
Maybe by turning off her brain - and following her heart - she'll be able to finally figure out where she belongs.
Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
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Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead is an international bestselling author of over twenty-five books for both adults and teens. Her Georgina Kincaid and Dark Swan series take a witty but edgy look at the paranormal while her sci-fi Age of X series shows us a future with no religion.

Over on the young adult side, Richelle has written the much-acclaimed Vampire Academy series and its spin-off, Bloodlines, about a secret society keeping the vampire world hidden from humans. Her latest project, The Glittering Court, takes place in a fantasy world inspired by colonial America, following the adventures of three impoverished girls trained up to be "ladies" who can make advantageous marriages in a dangerous new world across the sea.

Richelle's books have been on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists and received honors from the American Library Association. Her books have been translated into over two dozen languages, as well as adapted into graphic novels. In 2014, Vampire Academy was made into a feature film. A lifelong reader, Richelle loves mythology and wacky humor. When not writing, she can be found spending time with her family, buying dresses, and watching bad reality TV.

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  • unexpected turns and swoon worthy moments that capture your heart.

    by on

    Richelle Mead you always seem to do again and again. The Indigo Spell is my favourite book so far. It's heartwarming, cute, beautiful, full of suspense all at the same time.

    My heart suffered in this book, it was that beautiful. The dynamic between Adrian and Sydney just increased so much in The Indigo Spell. There were so many moments where my heart melted and I loved them cause they were not cringe worthy, they were beautiful.

    Sydney has grown so much throughout her time living in Palm Springs, and we see most of that in The Indigo Spell. We see her not only tolerating the gang but becoming friends with them, caring for them, loving them in more ways than one. She also become more strong minded if that is even possible. She starts standing up for herself and she is believing in herself even more than before that the Alchemists are not what they say to be. We also see her mind in very different places. She still somewhat influenced by her beliefs and I don't blame her for that at all. She grew up with all these beliefs, she cannot change instantly.

    Adrian, Adrian, Adrian my love. Adrian himself has grown so much since we first see him in this series. He becomes more independent. He starts to let go of Rose. The way he speaks about Sydney, to her, is just so much more passionate then when he talked to or about Rose. He changes and I love this Adrian. He is his usual self but so much, what's the word umm strong I guess you could say.

    We find out so much about the Alchemists and lets just say they blew my mind. It was excepted but not to the sense of what they were. It made the story that more interesting. As always I loved the magic that is incorporated into it. It just takes the novel to a different place and WOW it changes the dynamic in The Indigo Spell. Richelle Mead just knows how to take something to a different level. There were just so many twist and turns.

    Jill reminds me somewhat of Lissa, in this book. I don't know what it is. Maybe her 'anger' towards Sydney about Adrian or that she is determined. She like most of the characters grows a lot through The Indigo Spell. She is starting to become more independent in some way and I guess that's because she also getting older. Eddie I just love him and gosh I just want to hug him and tell him everything is going to be alright. He still cares so much for Jill it's heartbreaking. Angelina arrg my dislike for her is not at all helped in this book at all, I just want to yell at her.

    There was so many moments throughout this book that ripped apart my heart. There were jaw dropping moments. I could not predict anything. I just didn't know what was going to happen. I think that's why I think I like Richelle Mead. I cannot expect something to happen in her stories since she just goes one way then, BAM something happens and the story goes into a totally different direction. In a good way. I also love Mead's characterisation. She does it brilliantly.

    The Indigo Spell has unexpected turns and swoon worthy moments that capture your heart. I couldn't put the book down. I just needed to know what was going to happen.


    by on

    Let me start off by saying that Richelle Mead rocks and she is my absolute favorite author! I have read all of her books and she has never failed to please me and while I enjoyed this book, to be completely honest, it didnt surpass the awesomeness of The Golden Lily.

    Indigo Spell, the latest installment in the Bloodlines Series, follows only a short time after the cliffhanger of The Golden Lily. Adrian and Sydney are acting awkward towards each other, Jill has given Sydney the cold shoulder over her situation with Adrian, while Eddie and Angeline are happy in their own little bubble. Sydney becomes obsessed in finding Marcus Finch the former Alchemist, in hope of shining some light on what the Alchemists are hiding. Ms. Terwilliger asks Sydney for help fearing an evil witch in the area will come after Sydneys untrained natural witch ability and Adrian makes it his mission to make Sydney see that she is in fact in love with him.

    What I did enjoy about The Indigo Spell is the way the main characters are evolving; I love the way Sydney is becoming such a mentally, intellectually and emotionally strong character, which are the attributes I find the most appealing in a heroine. I like the way Sydney starts to challenge and question the beliefs that have been drummed into her head her whole life and asks herself what she believes in and what she wants. I look forward to witnessing Sydneys future self-discovery and growth.

    And then there is Adrian, for me Adrian makes this series. I read the pages waiting for Adrian to pop into the scene to make a witty remark or say something humble from the heart. Even though I felt sorry for him in Vampire Academy for not ending up with Rose, I never felt that Rose complemented Adrian the way she complemented Dimitri. Whereas Sydney, who his complete opposite, absolutely complements Adrian and together they are magic.

    I also want to mention Jill, whose character made a huge impact in this book with the way she is maturing and showing great signs of strength. Even though she wasnt involved in this book as much as the rest of the series so far, the moments she was in the book were full of punch and she was a huge influence reasoning with Sydney.

    One character that did disappoint me was Marcus Finch; he was not what I was expecting. I thought he would be more of a threat to Adrian towards Sydney in some sort of love triangle but I felt his lack of personality and presence in this book was a huge let down.

    I dont know how I feel about the

    is books overall plot and the direction this series might be heading, it is not what I was expecting. I am going to save my judgment for the release of Fiery Heart where I am interested to further explore how Sydneys story will develop with her sister Zoe coming into the scene. Most importantly, I am really interested to see how Sydney and Adrian get their alone time! So bring on November, I truly hope this chemistry between Sydney and Adrian truly keeps escalating up, up and away - fingers crossed!!!