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The Keto Cookbook for Women after 50

The Keto Cookbook for Women after 50

The Low-Carb High-Fat Keto Recipes for Women over 50 with 30 Days Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

by Linda S Williams
Publication Date: 30/10/2020
"Shed Unwanted Pounds with This Effective 30-day Meal Plan to Get Your Dream Body and Look Younger"

Many women over 50 find it's hard to lose weight at this age. You may feel upset about this. However, over recent years, Keto diet has helped numerous senior females lose weight successfully. What's more, you will benefit from keto diet beyond weight loss. According to reports, they feel more vigorous than before. And some chronic diseases get relived, such as brain fog, blurred vision...

The Keto Cookbook for Women After 50 is created especially for female like you! It covers everything you need to get started this magic diet:

Over 100 keto friendly recipes with full color pictures You don't have sacrifice flavor in sticking keto. On the contrary, you will harvest both taste bud satisfaction and balanced nutrition.
Customized 30-day meal plan Follow the plan effortlessly and get ride of your love handle permanently. Being slim has never been so easy.
Keto guidelines Get yourself a one-stop resource to adapt to ketosis. And get tips and tricks on achieving keto success.

It's never too late to have a curvy figure and live a healthier lifestyle.

Get your best present and make it happen from now.
Cookery for specific diets & conditions
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