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The Spider #16

The Spider #16

The City Destroyer

by Grant StockbridgeNorvell W. Page and John Fleming Gould
Publication Date: 19/09/2019
Thousands of busy persons bent over their desks in the tallest building in the world-conducting the commerce of the nation-when suddenly the steel girders began to creak and twist, and the gigantic edifice swayed giddily in the rising wind. Never before had criminal brains devised a more cunning or a more horrible weapon to garner their ill-gotten treasures. And never before was the Spider so strenuously put to test-for the Master, the man behind the devastation and death, eluded every suspicion, foresaw every contingency, left no tell-tale clues behind him as he ravaged, slayed and pillaged┬┐ Richard Wentworth, working for once hand in hand with the organized forces of law and order, fights the grimmest battle of his long career. Can the Spider avenge the countless dead who have already fallen? Can he bring the Murder Master to the justice he so richly deserves?
Crime & Mystery
Publication Date:
Steeger Properties, LLC
Country of origin:
United States

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