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The Tao of Bitcoin Banking

The Tao of Bitcoin Banking

A how-to guide for sailing the crypto seas

by Michael Louis Ovsen Jr

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 09/08/2019

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Using non-technical language, imagery, and metaphors taken from the nautical realm of sailing to craft a strategy designed to balance the opposing forces of public commerce with private finance. Providing a builder's perspective on implementing practical solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Viewing Bitcoin Banking through the lens of the Tao provided by the imagery of the Tai Chi Tu symbol to: Communicate an approach designed to balance Public commercial arrangements with Private personal banking operations. Tactically applied by using more than 3 dozen tools taking form as accounts, wallets, and software. Strategically operating on 4 pieces of hardware, your dedicated, eternally quarantined, crypto banking tools. Curated and organized tools. Crafting a navigational how-to guide allowing Bitcoin bankers to find their way along a pathless path when sailing the 7 crypto seas of concern. 1. COMMUNICATION- Keeping ALL your online operations secure using end-to-end encryption for email, texting, voice, and video. 2. CLEARANCE- verify for yourself that the funds are available, that the transaction has confirmed with enough certainty for the value transmitted and avoid all risk of chargebacks or censorship.3. CUSTODY- confidently keep the keys to your virtual vaults for storing your crypto secure. With risk management systems, strategic plans, and disciplined operational protocols in place.4. COMPLIANCE- perform regulatory arbitrage, making competition for parking your capital work to your advantage. 5. CREDIT- enable self-service P2P credit lending operations and protect your purchasing power 6. CRYPTO SECURITY- privately operate to protect ALL your data7. COUNTERTOP OPSEC- enable you to fluidly move your capital freely phase-shiftingAchieve true ownership of your business content, business banking operations, and distribution channels for each of those concerns. Become monetarily multi-lingual, mobilize your capital to enable free exchange of wealth upon the international waters of the crypto seas. Realize the potentials of having not only a bank account, but a bank, and a crypto exchange on your mobile devices. Tools that now allow for easy liquidity between locations, asset classes, & individual assets. Without concern for borders, and no permission nor forgiveness required for doing so.The economics of violence have changed with Bitcoin as no amount of physical force can solve a cryptographic math problem. Brains now beat brawn, as superior numbers are outmatched by smarter numbers with properly arranged and handled Bitcoin wallets. This book is designed to strengthen the human element, the weakest link in the Bitcoin protocol. Expounding on the maxim "Don't trust, verify!"Designed as a companion to "Satoshi's Toolbox", a well organized and curated collection of currently available solutions for managing the many concerns of a Bitcoin Banking arrangement. To prepare you for the online curriculum with these learning objectives: -Craft a customized navigational plan implementing an invisible structuring arrangement of compartmentalized special-purpose crypto business vehicles layering LLCs, Corporations, and Trusts in carefully selected jurisdictions.-Know how to protect your devices, crypto wallets, and personally identifiable information from unintended exposure.-Know when KYC/AML matters most and how to manage regulatory uncertainty.-Confidently determine transaction prices and confirm the settlement of transactions.-Have multiple strategies in place to manage price volatility and protect spread fees and profit margins against downside risks.-Spend your Bitcoin without fear of missing out as the price continues to move while you're waiting to get back in the game.-Create private banking arrangements built on a Bitcoin and a Bullion Standard, facilitated by lending between your business entities, or peer to peer.
Paperback / softback
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