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The Trivia Night

The Trivia Night 1

the shocking must-read novel for fans of Liane Moriarty

by Ali Lowe
Publication Date: 22/02/2022
5/5 Rating 1 Review

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The events at a school fundraiser night get quickly out of hand, and the fallout leads to devastating results for a group of four couples . . .

Question: How long does it take to tear someone's life apart? Answer: Sometimes just one night.

From the outside the parents of the kindergarten class at Darley Heights primary school seem to have it all. Living in the wealthy Sydney suburbs, it's a community where everyone knows each other - and secrets don't stay secret for long.

The big date in the calendar is the school's annual fundraising trivia night, but when the evening gets raucously out of hand, talk turns to partner-swapping. Initially scandalised, it's not long before a group of parents make a reckless one-night-only pact.

But in the harsh light of day, those involved must face the fallout of their behaviour. As they begin to navigate the shady aftermath of their wild night, the truth threatens to rip their perfect lives apart - and revenge turns fatal.

THE TRIVIA NIGHT is agripping, domestic page-turner full of shocking reveals, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Sally Hepworth.

Thriller / suspense
Publication Date:
Hodder & Stoughton
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United Kingdom
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Ali Lowe

Ali Lowe has been a journalist for 20 years. She has written for bridal magazines, parenting titles, websites and newspapers in London and then Australia, after she moved to Sydney fourteen years ago on a trip that was meant to last a year.

She was Features Editor at OK! in London, where she memorably stalked celebrities in Elton John's garden at his annual White Tie and Tiara ball. Ali lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her husband and three young children.

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1 Review

The Trivia Night is the first novel by Australian author, Ali Lowe. A fancy-dress trivia night primary school fundraiser; a table of eight parents of year one pupils; marital tiffs; flirtatious partners; a rumour about a swinging couple; inhibitions loosened by way too much alcohol; deep, dark secrets; a tightly-held grudge and an iPhone camera. What could possibly go wrong? And when it does, who will be caught up in the aftermath?

Three main narrators carry the story: an alcoholic mother shares the series of events that precipitate the start of her journey to sobriety; a transcript of a closet lesbian’s sessions with her therapist offers her perspective on the events that lead her to find her true self; and a grieving woman’s emails to her far-away sister fill in the rest; the prologue and epilogue come from a fourth mother.

Australian author Ali Lowe’s debut novel definitely has shades of a certain Liane Moriarty novel, but sports an original plot, an easily recognisable setting, credible characters, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and an excellent final twist. A brilliant read from an author to watch.
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