The Warramunga's Aftermath of War

The Warramunga's Aftermath of War 1

by Greg Kater

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 27/06/2018

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The Warramunga's Aftermath of War encapsulates the investigation into the post-war activities of a major criminal organisation with tentacles to the USA, Australia and South East Asia. When a fishing boat is discovered in distress in rough seas northwest of Darwin in late 1945, former army officer, Jamie Munro, and educated half-caste Warramunga aborigine, Jack "Jacko" O'Brien, who head the CIS in Darwin, are called on to investigate child smuggling operations financed by a shadowy ring of wealthy paedophiles.
This book is the second book of a trilogy. This follows The Warramunga's War detailing the meeting of Jamie and Jacko on the battlefield during the Second World War and their activities working together with MI6 in intelligence during the remainder of the war. Investigations by CIS after the war take Jamie and Jacko into the war-torn areas of the Philippines where children orphaned during the Japanese occupation are kidnapped by a well-organised murderous gang led by influential dignitaries.
Jamie and Jacko have to face numerous dangers in running this criminal organisation to earth in both the Philippines and Australia. All the inherent bushcraft skills of the Warramunga are needed to combat the brutal criminal circle.
Contemporary fiction
Paperback / softback
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Zeus Publications
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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • When predators crawl out of the ruins

    by on

    The Warramunga's Aftermath of War by Greg Kater is a meld of political thriller, mystery, and historical narrative, a tale with a strong historical setting. A fishing boat is discovered in distress in the rough seas northwest of Darwin in late 1945. Jamie Munro and Jack “Jacko” O’Brien are called to investigate — the story behind the boat could be linked to a sinister trade: human trafficking and a group of shadowy, powerful, and wealthy pedophiles who finance child smuggling, with links to the Philippines, the US, and Australia amongst the ruins of war.
    Jamie Munro and Jack “Jacko” O’Brien are very believable characters and an unusual pair, two characters with two distinct cultural backgrounds yet sharing one thing in common — the fight against crime. The writing is refined, genuine, and real, and this realism becomes one of the most appealing element in Greg Kater’s novel. The setting in the Philippines after the Japanese occupation is vividly captured in the prose and the social commentaries allow readers clear images of the setting. The Warramunga's Aftermath of War covers a variety of themes and that make the narrative relevant — human trafficking, war, and adventure. The novel is engaging and filled with unexpected surprises and an unpredictability in plot that keeps readers turning the pages. It's an exciting read, indeed!

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