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Time Turns on Spooky Hill

Time Turns on Spooky Hill

by David Metzenthen and Philip Webb
Publication Date: 01/07/2004
The two miniature brass lanterns are lit and burn brightly on the wall of the candle maker's shop. As Cal and his brother Mitch carry them through the muddy streets of Gold Seekers Gully, the boys start to feel they are entering the 1850s. The reality of the theme park becomes unreal and the brothers find themselves involved in a life and death struggle.
Thriller / suspense
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Australian Knowledge
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David Metzenthen

David Metzenthen is a Melbourne boy. He was an advertising copywriter before turning to fiction, and a builder's labourer to support his first twenty years as a writer for young people.

David is a learner surfer, a keen fly fisherman, and a tree hugger from way back. He tries to write stories that will explain and entertain and be worthy of the reader's time. The natural world is where he likes to spend time, and he is a supporter of various environmental foundations.

He hopes to write the perfect book, knows it will never happen, but works in hope... David is married to Fiona and has two children, a dog, and a couple of parrots. He has travelled overseas but is inspired by this country and hopes always to feel that way.

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