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To Look on Death No More

To Look on Death No More 1

by Leta Serafim
Publication Date: 01/02/2016
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews
In autumn of 1943, a lone allied soldier parachutes into Greece. His stated goal: to build an airstrip for the British. Brendon O'Malley is an Irishman, and he soon discovers that fighting the Nazis is not the same as embracing the British, who have seriously misled him about his mission. Wounded during the drop, he's set upon and robbed by a seventeen-year-old girl, Danae, and her little brother, Stefanos, who hold him captive for over six weeks, first in a cave and later in the cellar of their home in Kalavryta. A wary friendship develops between the three. Over time O'Malley's relationship with the girl gradually deepens into love. Slowly O'Malley earns Danae's trust, and he stays on with her family in their house in the village. After his wounds heal, he heads up into the mountains to join the Greek soldiers, the antartes, who are suspicious of the British and slow to accept him into their ranks. O'Malley is no ordinary man, and his honesty, strength, and courage impress them and finally win the day. But disaster lies just ahead, and the Nazis, already a palpable presence in their lives, stage a savage attack on Kalavryta. Through it all, the love of this Irishman for his indomitable Greek muse cannot be extinguished.
European history
Publication Date:
Epicenter Press, Incorporated
Country of origin:
United States

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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Excellent!

    by on

    Before I read To Look On Death No More, I knew nothing of the atrocities of Greece. Nothing is taught of this in American high schools. If so, it is so flightily mentioned that it is not recalled. Horrific. I found this site in my research after I finished reading it. Kalavyrta Massacre The visions are embedded in my mind. Serafim’s writing is so descriptive you feel like you are witnessing it yourself. I would recommend this be read by every teen and above as an educational addition to world history in a land rarely mentioned as desecrated by Nazis. Thank you for enlightening all of us!
    BTW, I have read her first two, The Devil Takes Half and When the Devil’s Idle, and they are both fabulous! All her books take place in Greece. It makes me want to go there, to those very places, especially Patmos.
    — CJ Loiacono