Travel the Winds

Travel the Winds

A Beginning Mystery

by Ti Mar and Mary L. Green

Publication Date: 01/03/1996

There is a need for humans to increase their conscious awareness, gain control over telepathic communications, change energy to stop unwanted encounters & recognize all contacts. With this control will come a knowledge of all life forms. The importance of Light Being communication is understood through energy, earth & human changes. TRAVEL THE WINDS has seventeen portraits of light beings, nine maps of ancient lands & illustrations of a dome, double carrier & outer shell of a UFO. Today Ti Mar is an author, lecturer & artist & remembers many encounters. Ti Mar's work includes intuitive insights into contacts & memory counseling to help people remember encounters. She does psychic readings. Ti Mar is also available for workshops & seminars on UFOs & can be contacted through Travel the Winds Publishing, P.O. Box 781628, Wichita, KS 67278-1628. The topics of gods & life in Space has received so much of man's attention, speculation & conversation that this trend of thought can be traced from the earliest limit of earth time into the present. Even with the imposed limit, all people should know of the presence & location of all other life forms. $19.95 (plus $4.00 shipping & handling), KS residents add $1.18 tax, Visa, MasterCard & Discovery orders please fax your order: 1-316-683-6021. Please include Card Number, Expiration Date, & the Name on the Card.
Parapsychological studies
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Travel the Winds Publisher
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