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True Wealth

True Wealth

how to enjoy the most of your beautiful life, especially in finance

by Andy Lee

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 18/01/2019

Andy was an industrial engineer from Indonesia. He couldn't use his degree when he arrived here in America at age 25, in May 2002. The currency at that time was US $1.00 = INA Rp. 10,000.00. Not wanting to be in debt in the brand new frontier that he wasn't sure about yet, he was determined to work his best with what he had and with what he could do, and worked in fast food restaurants, shoe departments, and martial arts schools. While doing so, he was also an elder and a choir director at a local church, growing a blessed beautiful family, and teaching MMA. The amazing thing is that he had no debt at all, had paid off his mortgage, had built his retirement and prepared for his children's future only during his first 6.5 years of living here. All that was generated by his family income which was mainly from his restaurant job and his wife's retail job. That's quite a remarkable accomplishment that many people don't dare to dream about, especially in this economy.His book will open our eyes to what he believes and how he applies it in his real life to accomplish such a true joy, health, and wealth. Using a lot of fun, unique analogies and examples from movies, sports, and real life scenarios, he really makes it easy for people to connect to what he believes. His positive attitude and outlook toward life are truly infectious. So many people who have known him personally always feel that their spirit is elevated, their adrenaline is pumped, and their potential is boosted. And Andy really hopes that the very same positive effects can be benefited by people everywhere through reading his book. And Andy always wishes that someday he can personally meet everyone who have read his book and congratulate them for their beautiful transformation.
Paperback / softback
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