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Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 2

Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 2

The Man Who Fell to Earth

by Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman
Publication Date: 14/09/2016
The Uncanny Avengers come to the aid of S.H.I.E.L.D. during a manhunt. The team makes a shocking discovery about an ally. What does it all have to do with the mystery unfolding in Pleasant Hill? Plus, Ultron is back!? But this time, Hank Pym is in control... or is he?! The taming of Ultron creates unexpected complications and divides the Unity Squad. And. Rogue meets Gambit. Collecting Uncanny Avengers Vol.3 #7-12 (subject to change).
Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains
Publication Date:
Panini UK Limited
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):
Gerry Duggan

Gerry Duggan received the education he needed to write from a steady diet of comic books and Late Night With David Letterman. He didn't know that. . . so he wasted a ton of money on a pricey diploma from Emerson College in Boston.

After graduating, he arrived in Los Angeles and hooked up almost immediately with Brian Posehn. Together, they've written Marvel NOW!'s Deadpool, The Simpsons and The Last Christmas, the true story of Santa Claus after the apocalypse.

Both he and artist Phil Noto earned Eisner Award nominations for The Infinite Horizon, a re-imagininging of The Odyssey in a dystopian future.

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