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What Color Is Your Soul?

What Color Is Your Soul?

by Gina Rose
Publication Date: 01/04/2005
What Color Is Your Soul? is a collection of slice-of-life vignettes dealing with different relationships and situations that utilize five different colors: red, green, yellow, black and white. The stories begin with two friends and how each one handles pressure in different ways and how that, in turn, affects the other. The stories continue to include one of jealousy, even among best friends during a girls' day out; a wheelchair-bound man struggling to regain his independence and in the process becomes a teacher of the human spirit; and three senior high school friends whose one-upmanship game has turned harsh as they each deal with their own pain. Then, a mother and daughter stuck on a highway during a snowstorm find out how they perceive similar things. Each story demonstrates and asks the question, What Color Is Your Soul?
Short stories
Publication Date:
PublishAmerica, Incorporated
Country of origin:
United States

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