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What Makes a High Performance Organization

What Makes a High Performance Organization

Five Factors of Competitive Advantage Than Span the World

by Andre A. De Waal
Publication Date: 05/09/2012
This book will show companies and managers how to achieve better financial results than their competitors over the next 5-10 years by transforming themselves into HPOs: High-Performance OrganizationsIt has been extensively researched by the author, including: (a) review of 292 studies into business high performance and excellence(b) personal survey of close to 2500 organizations throughout the world(c) collection of numerous in-depth case studies of high performing companies representing nearly every continentAs a result of all this research, the book s author Dr. Andre A. de Waal has been able to develop and practice an HPO framework tool on 200 organizations since 2006, both profit and non-profit, even as his research goes on. His insightful conclusions from this work coupled with his intensive research will prove crucial for management decision-makers who seek to dramatically improve their companies. Why is this book is needed now? We are in a severe recession, though the economy has been picking up, growth will continue to be slow for many years to come. This book makes it possible for a company to accelerate its growth. Also, customers worldwide have been growing more demanding and vocal especially as complaints about an organization can now spread like wildfire on the Internet. Thus becoming an HPO ensures a company stays competitive and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction"
Business & management
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Global Professional Publishing Ltd
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United Kingdom
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