Where's Wally?

Where's Wally? 1

30th Anniversary Edition - With a Bonus Scene

by Martin Handford

Publication Date: 01/03/2017

5/5 Rating 1 Reviews

Celebrate 30 years of searching for Wally in this one-off edition of the original eye-boggling classic!

A wonderful anniversary edition of the book that kick-started a global phenomenon 30 years ago and got the whole world asking Where's Wally? Read Wally's new letter to his fans celebrating three decades of being on the go!

Search for Wally and his friends as they hike round the world on the beach, at the train station, at sea...and now find him on a new wander in town again!

There's so much fiendish fun hidden in every intricately-detailed scene each teeming with crowds, creatures and more. Wow! Have YOU found Wally yet?

Picture books
Publication Date:
Walker Books
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):
Martin Handford

Martin Handford spent much of his childhood drawing and his earliest influences were cinema epics and playing with toy soldiers. At art college he continued to draw what he calls "busy and militarily correct battle scenes" which led to his job as a freelance illustrator specialising in drawing crowd scenes for numerous clients.

Martin now gathers his inspiration from a huge variety of sources; films, visiting museums and art galleries, reading comics and books, and collecting ephemera and trivia. He is fascinated by crowds, and is attracted to their vibes, patterns and details - especially humour; "I love their movement and energy."

He is also constantly on the look out for puns and wordplay that can be used in his pictures. Gradually, from all this meticulous research, the inspiration for a picture emerges, which Martin embellishes with his own ideas to create astonishing scenes. Each picture takes Martin months to draw. "As I work my way through a picture, I add Wally when I come to what I feel is a good place to hide him," he explains.

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Customer Reviews

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5 / 5 (1 Ratings)
  • Great book everyone needs.

    by on

    Loved it as a kid, and still do as an adult, got this for my 7yo and she loved it.

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